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Surrender: Gupta Style

Please watch Margaret’s vlog here, or listen to the audio recording or enjoy the text below it. There are a couple of very different meanings in English to the word “Surrender”. Giving in: When fighting a battle or battling on against life’s events sometimes people surrender, wave the white flag and give in to …

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Words of Wisdom

A thought is just a thought until we project it out into the world through our spoken words or actions.  While thoughts play a critical role in our lives, it’s when they’re amplified that they take on more meaning and significance. Fortunately, I became aware of this through my own communications.  I was explaining why …

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Gift Yourself The Grace To Fall

In this Healing Chronic Illness blog series, author, Gupta Program Coach and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome survivor Jen Evans shares insights from the recovery journey I could never be wrong. As a child, if I didn’t get it right the first time – get first place, excel, maybe even entertain – I would be made fun …

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Self…From Caterpillar To Butterfly

Caterpillar: Myself Pre Gupta: Self Compassion: This was a tricky one for me, since I never felt I deserved love or compassion. Self Satisfaction: That had always sounded like being over full of myself compared with others, whereas I was trying to be like others, and to please them rather than just being myself. Self …

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Dips and How I Was Afterwards

Some people have found that a dip often means a noticeable improvement follows. This must be a great feeling and may even make it easier to float through the dip. However, some of us don’t have the same experience… My dippy times came and went while I was ill. But I never noticed any specific …

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Quietening and Redefining The Achiever

Many of us relate to having an overly responsive Achiever Part, having to get everything done, doing everything perfectly so it’s done right in the eyes of others and satisfies our own high expectations, having to organise everything and everyone around us and always thinking ahead while keeping a watchful eye on how other people …

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Festive Times: How I Float Through It

Once upon a time I was a perfectionist and pushed myself to try to do things “right”. Especially at those special times we call festive occasions. Since my recovery from CFS/MCS/Fibromyalgia etc. I do not push myself if at all possible. I have learnt that doing so isn’t good for me, and therefore not good …

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Dealing With The Fear of Healing

It might come as a surprise to some, the idea of being afraid of being well! But I think it is a core issue for those of us with illnesses like CFS and related syndromes. Ashok has pointed out that in most cases, our illness began with three strands coming together: intense stress (either acute …

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Finding Joy In The Most Difficult Of Times

Hello my fellow Gupta re-trainers. I am so sorry for my long absence from our group. My life was highjacked by events and I was away from home for four months dealing with family issues. Some of these issues were highly stressful (taking over financial responsibility for my 100-year-old mom and finding a way to …

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7 Tips to Love Yourself More While Doing Gupta Program Retraining

When it comes to illnesses, people’s first instinct is usually to consult a doctor or take medicine. However, one equally important factor in overcoming any disease is the ability to love yourself. Indeed, self-love is critical to recovery from illness. As you explore the path of retraining your brain, you’ll come to realise your worth …

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