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Supporting Relationships

Healthy relationships are a fundamental part of our wellbeing and like everything in life, are sometimes well-balanced, sometimes a little shaky and sometimes require adjusting. It takes a special kind of someone to help another along their healing journey, especially when support is a continued need.  It’s not like having a cold or waiting for …

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Pacing and Boundaries (and Struggling or Not)

This phrase cropped up when a friend and I were discussing pacing (Gupta style.) It made me think about boundaries, especially. Boundaries can be like fences around a vegetable garden. The fence keeps out those animals which could eat the veg before we harvest them. Like Peter Rabbit in the Beatrix Potter stories. My boundaries …

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I was thinking about Ashok’s F.E.A.R. definition: false evidence appearing real. Then my mind wandered around these 4 letters. What other “e” words could apply? e is for egg: My uncle used to place a false egg (made of china) in the nesting box to encourage his hens to lay. I’m not sure if it …

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Why Ask Why?

Often we hear people ask “Why” about something… Often we hear people ask “Why” about something. My sons regularly used to ask things like “Mummy, why does it rain? How does that happen?” which was great as it showed a developing mind seeking information about things they experienced. Some of their questions were easy to …

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Thoughts On February

It can be a time of changes in nature: on the trees new growth as Spring comes in the North, leaves changing colour as Autumn comes in the South. Weather patterns changing: hot dry weather being followed by some welcome rain in the South, cold wet or icy weather being followed by milder temperatures and …

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