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Are you are a valued influencer with a trusted voice among your followers? Apply to become a Gupta Program affiliate today and join us in helping improve the lives of thousands more people suffering from chronic illness.

If you value genuine partnerships and have quality engagement with your community, affiliate marketing is a great avenue for the merchant, affiliate and the people we can reach.


If you believe in our Program and have a passion for helping people heal and live their best lives, I’d love to extend an invitation for you to partner with us and become an affiliate marketer for the Gupta Program.

       -Ashok Gupta

Join the Gupta Program Family & Become An Affiliate FAQs

What is affiliate marketing?

It is where a commission is paid by us to you for sales of the Gupta Program generated from your referrals. You become the affiliate.

In such an arrangement, you, the affiliate receive a commission on all sales made that are directly attributed to your influence. These are tracked through a unique affiliate link.

So affiliate marketing helps both the merchant and the affiliate?

Correct. But not only that, it also helps many CFS/ME, Fibro, MCS and EHS sufferers as the relationship also helps us get the word out about our revolutionary treatment. So its win- win-win.


Would you be a good fit to be a Gupta Program affiliate?

Depends. If you believe in our product, are passionate about helping people recover from conditions such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia. MCS, EHS, Anxiety and Associated illnesses, and are a good fit for our vision and target market, then absolutely.

How much does it cost to be an affiliate marketer?

Nothing. You don’t pay any additional costs. On top of that, we provide a generous affiliate commission.

What do I do if I have a question that is not covered here?

Simply contact and we will assist you.

Download our information flyer for more details about us and please share it with your followers Gupta Program v5.0 Info Flyer

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