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Thoughts On February

It can be a time of changes in nature: on the trees new growth as Spring comes in the North, leaves changing colour as Autumn comes in the South. Weather patterns changing: hot dry weather being followed by some welcome rain in the South, cold wet or icy weather being followed by milder temperatures and …

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Festive Times: How I Float Through It

Once upon a time I was a perfectionist and pushed myself to try to do things “right”. Especially at those special times we call festive occasions. Since my recovery from CFS/MCS/Fibromyalgia etc. I do not push myself if at all possible. I have learnt that doing so isn’t good for me, and therefore not good …

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Lessons Learnt

Over the past few years I have learnt a huge amount from doing the Gupta programme and from all the lovely people in the forum. e.g. How to transfer pictures into forum files in spite of their apparent dislike of such activity as it wasn’t straightforward to do. Then, not to do it again, as …

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Dealing With Danger, Or Not…

All my life, pre Gupta, I would ruminate for ages over something which caused me to react as if threatened by danger. I would also overreact when I felt a danger threatened me… I would relive it, turning it over and over in my mind, replaying it with differing reactions from myself as in “I …

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Mistake Or Not? A Tale of 3 Soda Breads…

A while back I decided to bake a load of plain soda bread as an alternative to the usual cheesy variety, in readiness for my family’s visit. I’d successfully made some a couple of weeks before, using a really quick and easy recipe. I thought it very tasty. Yum yum. So, I set out my …

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Dogmatism, Musts, Shoulds: A Reflection By Margaret Cory

In our Gupta Program Facebook forum, we all can give other people advice and help based on our own experiences with the Gupta techniques. This is best done in a gentle way, and without dogmatism, since in the GP there are no ‘law’s, ‘must’s, ‘should’s or other pressurizing words. Telling someone they must or need …

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