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We Are Not Alone

Please watch Margaret’s vlog here, or listen to the audio recording or enjoy the text below it. Often someone asks about their challenges assuming that they are alone in having these particular ones. But here in the forum none of us are alone in what we have experienced. We have over 2000 members, all …

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Surrender: Gupta Style

Please watch Margaret’s vlog here, or listen to the audio recording or enjoy the text below it. There are a couple of very different meanings in English to the word “Surrender”. Giving in: When fighting a battle or battling on against life’s events sometimes people surrender, wave the white flag and give in to …

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Margaret’s Success Story

After a lifetime of battling on against life’s challenges, of all varieties, I conked out aged 53, having to stop work, diagnosed with M.E./CFS and told I would never recover or be able to work again. 10 years later in January 2010, I found the Gupta Program. By this time I had also been diagnosed …

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From Nightmares To Dreams To Total Reality

Ever since I can remember I had nightmares every night, until the past few years. I thought that was normal, and learnt to deal with them as a young child (around 9 or 10 years old, I think.) On waking from the usual nightmare I would rewrite the ending in my mind and settle back …

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Self…From Caterpillar To Butterfly

Caterpillar: Myself Pre Gupta: Self Compassion: This was a tricky one for me, since I never felt I deserved love or compassion. Self Satisfaction: That had always sounded like being over full of myself compared with others, whereas I was trying to be like others, and to please them rather than just being myself. Self …

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Dips and How I Was Afterwards

Some people have found that a dip often means a noticeable improvement follows. This must be a great feeling and may even make it easier to float through the dip. However, some of us don’t have the same experience… My dippy times came and went while I was ill. But I never noticed any specific …

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Dealing With Loss (Practical Tips Which Work For Me)

During the past few years, I have been dealing with the loss of what has felt like a lot of dear friends and relations. Yet this hasn’t overwhelmed me. Am I cold-hearted? Not at all, but I have learnt to accept whatever happens and allow my grief to take its course. Allowing the tears, and …

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Faith, Hope and Charity

Faith, Hope and Charity… In that order, describes my steps towards full and continued recovery. My first sign of a possible recovery was having faith in Ashok’s theories. The Gupta Program all made so much sense to me. Having lived pretty well addicted to my own adrenaline throughout so many years of battling against the …

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Pacing and Boundaries (and Struggling or Not)

This phrase cropped up when a friend and I were discussing pacing (Gupta style.) It made me think about boundaries, especially. Boundaries can be like fences around a vegetable garden. The fence keeps out those animals which could eat the veg before we harvest them. Like Peter Rabbit in the Beatrix Potter stories. My boundaries …

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