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Dealing With The Fear of Healing

It might come as a surprise to some, the idea of being afraid of being well! But I think it is a core issue for those of us with illnesses like CFS and related syndromes. Ashok has pointed out that in most cases, our illness began with three strands coming together: intense stress (either acute …

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Finding Joy In The Most Difficult Of Times

Hello my fellow Gupta re-trainers. I am so sorry for my long absence from our group. My life was highjacked by events and I was away from home for four months dealing with family issues. Some of these issues were highly stressful (taking over financial responsibility for my 100-year-old mom and finding a way to …

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Keep Sitting On That Egg!

Healing with Dialectics Hello fellow retrainers. I am what might be called a “graduate” of the Gupta Program, but although I have recovered full health for going on four years now, I consider health and healing an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime. I have remained a member of the Facebook group because it motivates …

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