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Words of Wisdom

A thought is just a thought until we project it out into the world through our spoken words or actions.  While thoughts play a critical role in our lives, it’s when they’re amplified that they take on more meaning and significance. Fortunately, I became aware of this through my own communications.  I was explaining why …

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Quietening and Redefining The Achiever

Many of us relate to having an overly responsive Achiever Part, having to get everything done, doing everything perfectly so it’s done right in the eyes of others and satisfies our own high expectations, having to organise everything and everyone around us and always thinking ahead while keeping a watchful eye on how other people …

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Supporting Relationships

Healthy relationships are a fundamental part of our wellbeing and like everything in life, are sometimes well-balanced, sometimes a little shaky and sometimes require adjusting. It takes a special kind of someone to help another along their healing journey, especially when support is a continued need.  It’s not like having a cold or waiting for …

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