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Q:  "Could you talk more about dips and pacing? If we're feeling relief mid-way through a meditation, should we stop?"

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Hello, my beautiful friend. I am finding myself just coming out the other side of a little dip, so I thought it might be a good time to talk this through, throw some ideas out there and see where they land. Some of them may resonate, others may not, but I'm hoping maybe out of all of these thoughts, there's something that you could put in your pocket and take with you for the next time you may experience a dip, if that should happen. Remember: Two steps forward, one step back is only natural and nothing to worry about.


So, there are different types of dips. This dip may last a few minutes or it may last days. One factor is the length and another is how you experience it. Sometimes when a dip first comes on, we might think ... and this is more like a story in our minds... we might think this is going to be never ending. Doesn't it feel that way sometimes, when you're in the middle of a dip? But I just want us to always remind ourselves that the nature of being here on this earth is that nothing is permanent. Everything is always fluctuating. Whether it feels a little bit more intense or a little bit less intense... even things that we enjoy... those aren't permanent. Things that we don't enjoy, those aren't permanent either. It helps to remember that. 


The main goal when a dip arrives is to not let ourselves get carried away with it, to not let our brains wind up and take off like one of those little windup toys. Our job during a dip is just to accept and to float. When this dip I just experienced first arrived, it felt a little bit like I was starting to wind up. So I just put on my Soften and Flow meditation, which of course can be found in Gupta Program and it could also be found in Meaning Of Life Experiment. A 20 minute meditation like this gives my brain something to focus on. It allows me to just let go and sink into an acceptance of the experience and begin to float. 


I think there's no wrong way to meditate and no wrong way to envision these things. Meditation does not need to be esoteric, it can be simply relaxing your body. When I do this meditation, I envision any stuck energy moving and the way that I envision it is this: Just say the inside of my body is like an empty vessel. I picture energy swirling very gently in a certain shape. Do you know the shape of an infinity symbol? Kind of like a figure eight turned on its side, just gently swirling to the right and down, then crossing up and over back to the left then back down again, like a figure eight swirl, an infinity symbol swirl. I picture the energy loosening and flowing like that. 


I also picture floating and letting go of any of the thoughts of why or thoughts of what it means... thoughts where we're projecting into the future or looking to the past. I envision letting go of all of that and just focus on making myself as comfortable as possible because our job right now when we're in the middle of a dip is just to float through it and to not push.


There are a couple of different ways that we may sometimes push. One way we do it is not taking breaks. We may be in the middle of "doing" something... it could be a little or a big thing, it could even be a tiny little "doing"... or as simple as just talking to someone. Whether it's a big or a small thing you're doing, it's good to pace and take breaks because sometimes the dip happens when you've gone outside of your energy envelope and you haven't taken a break. 


I like to take a break when my body tells me to, which could be in five minutes, it could be in three minutes, it could be in half an hour, whenever it may be. My job is to listen for those cues and honor them. If my body doesn't tell me, then I like to take a break every half hour so that I avoid the edges of my energy envelope. And if you get to the edge, that's ok. If you have a little dip, that's ok. Forgive yourself. Know that it's not good or bad. It's just an experience you're having. You're practicing. You're practicing pacing. You're practicing floating. You're practicing bringing yourself back to peace.


Another little thought that I had, was this: Did you ever feel a dip, so you do a meditation and then half way through it, you feel a lifting? Did you ever feel relief mid way through? And you think, "Oh, ok I could turn this audio off now. I could be done with the meditation." Well, if you want to do that, that's ok. But I would suggest that if you begin to feel some relief, continue to the end of the meditation, because yes, it's great to feel relief. It's great to feel like, "Oh, my dip is over." If it's a quick dip, that's fantastic and I'm really happy for you. But at the same time, it's not really just about making something stop or feeling like the dip is over. The main goal is to retrain our brains. And if we continue to the end, then we're practicing in those moments of dip, bringing ourselves back to peace and not allowing our thoughts or our mind or our energy to start cycling and ramping up, we're practicing that. And if we continue the meditation til it's done, we can get that full practice in. We're strengthening that peace muscle. 


So those are some little dip tips. I hope something resonated. If it's something familiar, maybe it's a great reinforcement for what you already knew. If it's something new, that's great too, maybe it sparked an idea that you can take in your pocket and bring with you. And if you have any thoughts about dips and how you navigate them, then I'd love for you to share in the comments so that we could gather all of our dip tips together and have this well stocked toolbox and this really great way of navigating dips. How do you use the Gupta tools for yourself? We each have a way of modifying them to be working for our own little personal circumstances. Isn't it great that we can take these things and mold them and bring them with us in a way that resonates with us? So amazing. Okay. So much love to you. Bye now.

Below you can view Col's painting called "Butterfly Dreams."

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Col always says, “Gupta saved my life!”

The decline in Col’s health began with a serious lifelong medical illness not under the Gupta umbrella. Her stress over this experience fed right into the cycle Ashok speaks of, creating what she describes as a sort of chronic health PTSD, leading her to develop a number of the conditions that Gupta addresses. She found herself each day for years waking in a state of anxiety and physical pain and then struggling all day long.

Upon beginning Gupta Program, Col realized how many of her thoughts were related to the severity of her health challenges, a virtually constant perseveration. She is now gradually healing layer by layer, one by one removing the Gupta-addressable conditions that had piled on top of her original medical illness. She considers this a tremendous blessing!

When anxiety hits, she now has tools to quickly ease it rather than struggling all day long. When symptoms arise, she has learned to float through them without getting upset about it. When thoughts about her condition appear, she addresses them in the moment, rather than allowing them to pile up and intensify into a whirling dervish.

Through daily Gupta retraining and weekly webinars, she continues to learn more and more about how to navigate illness and improve her quality of life. Friends are amazed at how well she now copes with the difficulties she faces and how readily she sees beauty and tunes into peace in tough times. Inspired by her progress, some of them have even joined Gupta Program themselves!

Rather than viewing illness as an enemy, Col sees it as something which is taking her on a journey into the unknown, teaching her essential lessons and bringing her down unexpected new pathways. Despite the daily challenges it brings, it’s led her to rediscover her joy in painting and to practice tapping into inner peace. More than anything, she loves connecting with people on tandem health adventures and finding ways to uplift and inspire each other.

With immense love & gratitude, all proceeds from Col’s art go to her ongoing medical treatment fund.

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