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Q: "How can I navigate dips?"

Hello, my beautiful friend. Navigating dips is such a great thing to learn how to do beautifully and gracefully. Because Key #1 to dips is this: Dips are normal. Dips happen to everyone and it's not something to be avoided like, "Oh no, here's a dip! Oh, I've somehow not been successful!" No, no, no. If you're having a dip, it's completely normal.


I think a big, big thing about navigating a dip is how you look at it. That's how it is with a lot of things, right? I like to picture Ashok’s voice. Do you know his voice? Do you know the one I'm talking about, when he says, "Ooooh, it's just a little dip"? Light hearted, light hearted, light hearted. I like to think of his voice and just have it be like, in a singsong voice, "Okay, here we go. All right, this is okay. No biggie."

And all you're responsible for when you're having a dip is just to float. That is your full focus. That's all you're responsible for. Nothing else. Anything extra, let it fall away, let it just drop to the wayside. What's that word? Fall to the wayside. Let it just fall away, anything extra. The only thing that you need to do is just float. So you don't need to be making any kind of forward motion... You don't need to be doing a lot of things to progress... Just float.


Your sole responsibility when you're experiencing a dip is to take care of yourself. What feels nurturing, what feels most comforting? Surround yourself with that, to distract yourself. What can your cute little brain focus on that will feel very light, almost mindless? Something beautiful, something lovely, something happy-making, something that brings a smile to your face. Something joyful.

I have this painting in my living room that is just water. You know that water that has all the different shades in it, and all the different tones and little blobs of color, and it's so beautiful and it's got this reflection on it? That's what I look at. When I'm having a dip, I just look at that and I picture saying to myself, "Float, float. That's all you need to do right now, just float."


It may be good if you have people around you, to express to them, "I'm having a little bit of a dip right now," so they know. Can you have a code word, so any help that they can give you with food or with things that need to be done in the house or anything, will they know the code word for what you may need in that moment and help out? Before you have a dip, can you set up a little plan of what you may need in those moments, so that you can float and take off any other "responsibilities" you may have?

If you don't have others around, if you're just by yourself (I've been there too!), can you have a little tool kit for, "In case of dip, please open"? What's comforting to you? For me, teddy bears are very comforting. A friend of mine once said, "What are we, two years old?" Yep, I guess we are. Just to hug something feels super comforting to me or a fluffy blanket... Where do you need to be? Do you need the lights to be off? Do you need quiet? Do you need to hear some gentle, beautiful music? What can you do to float? Maybe you could pre-pave the way and plan for the next dip. What will you do? What do you need when that happens? What do you need, to nurture yourself?


Anyway, the key to dips is to know: It's okay. No big deal. They happen. And if you could, picture what happened before... So did you have a dip before? Yes. Did you come out of it? Yes, you did. And so you will again.


So I'm just here to encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Another thing with dips: Nothing you did so terribly "wrong" caused the dip. Anything that may have contributed, you'll just know for the future. Make a quick, light little mental note if you want. No big deal for now, we're learning our way. Finding our way is just a matter of two steps forward, one step back. It's just a natural path and a natural progression. And you're going to do great. You're going to come out of you dip and then guess what? You know, you might have another dip another day. Another dip, another day, imagine that. You might. Because we all do. It's totally normal. And you're good. You're doing a great job. Once you're out of your dip, you'll continue your progression. And for now, all you need to do is just rest and float through your dip. 

Okay, lots of love to you. Embrace your dip! Bye now.

Below you can view Col's painting called "Transcend." To see more of her art, please visit her website here. 



Col always says, “Gupta saved my life!”

The decline in Col’s health began with serious lifelong medical illnesses not under the Gupta umbrella. Her stress over these experiences fed right into the cycle Ashok speaks of, creating what she describes as a sort of chronic health PTSD, leading her to develop a number of the conditions that Gupta addresses. She found herself each day for years waking in a state of anxiety and physical pain and then struggling all day long.

Upon beginning Gupta Program, Col realized how many of her thoughts were related to the severity of her health challenges, a virtually constant perseveration. She is now gradually healing layer by layer, one by one removing the Gupta-addressable conditions that had piled on top of her original medical illnesses. She considers this a tremendous blessing!

When anxiety hits, she now has tools to quickly ease it rather than struggling all day long. When symptoms arise, she has learned to float through them without getting upset about it. When thoughts about her condition appear, she addresses them in the moment, rather than allowing them to pile up and intensify into a whirling dervish.

Through daily Gupta retraining and weekly webinars, she continues to learn more and more about how to navigate illness and improve her quality of life. Friends are amazed at how well she now copes with the difficulties she faces and how readily she sees beauty and tunes into peace in tough times. Inspired by her progress, some of them have even joined Gupta Program themselves!

Rather than viewing illness as an enemy, Col sees it as something which is taking her on a journey into the unknown, teaching her essential lessons and bringing her down unexpected new pathways. Despite the daily challenges it brings, it’s led her to rediscover her joy in painting and to practice tapping into inner peace. More than anything, she loves connecting with people on tandem health adventures and finding ways to uplift and inspire each other.

For more about Col and her art, visit: With immense love & gratitude, all proceeds from Col’s art go to her ongoing medical treatment fund.

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