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Q: "If one doesn’t have energy, do you have suggestions for quick in-the-moment actions to get calmer?"

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Hello, my dear friend. Thank you so much for your question. I'm so thrilled. Thank you for my very first question ever in the history of questions! I'm really excited to kick off these blog posts with ideas for quick in the moment actions to get calmer if we don't have energy. I have got so many ideas! I'm going to break it down into three so I don't overwhelm you. 

Here are the three I would choose to share with you, and maybe you've already done some of these, but we'll throw it out there and see what lands.

Okay, number one, stretch and yawn. This is great because it's such a super quick, instantaneous little thing that we can do that just triggers our system to think "All is well." It's kind of like a little indicator, "All is well, all is well."

It's funny because with these little things, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me (and makes me think I don't have time for them). I've got this gong set to go off every half hour to remind me to do that, and sometimes I think to myself, "Oh, I'm in the middle of talking to someone," or whatever, and you'll think, "Oh yeah, yeah, stretch and yawn. Yeah, yeah." You might just slough it off. And then I think to myself, "Okay, let me just actually really, truly do this and focus in on it for just that couple of seconds." It's interesting because the stretching really brings the yawn about, and it feels deep down good into your body. So that's the first thing that I would do.


Another one is alternate nostril breathing, which is so fantastic for when anxiety is coming up or if you're feeling any kind of stress or this kind of zippy, zingy energy. Same thing with that, you could do it a few minutes. For me, if I did it a few minutes, I get maybe 12 rounds in there, but just say you do it even for one or two or three rounds, that has a really good effect. 


And then the third one is... So just say you have all of the steps that you would do for your brain retraining.. what if you were to do just the first step, just the first step and commit to that.

Something about these little snippets, I'll call them snippets, the little things that we may do throughout the day. Two things about that. 

One of the cool things is that when we have these little things we can just kind of grab and do, we're more likely to do them and scatter them throughout the whole entire day, when they're these little grabbable pieces. 

And the second thing is a suggestion. What if, when you do a snippet... all you've got to do is a snippet.. just say, after you're done with your little three seconds snippet, can you check in and say, "Hey, you know, now that I'm already doing this, do I want to do step two? Or do I want to do another five seconds? Do I want to do another minute?" Just check in. Sometimes once you get the ball rolling, it keeps rolling! I noticed that for me, sometimes ...


In the beginning, I might think I don't have the energy for something, and you may or may not, but just kind of test out the waters and once you get going, maybe you'll do the whole thing. And if you don't, that's cool too. Because like Ashok says, “Do your best, leave the rest." It's all good. Whatever you're doing is the perfect thing to be doing. You're doing something. If you're doing a whole thing, if you're doing a piece of it, if you're doing the first step, if you're doing a minute... It's all good. All of it is a contribution towards your healing, and I'm super proud of you for all that you do. Thank you again for your question, sending you so much love. Bye now.

Below you can view Col's art called 'Parallel Realities'. To see more of her collection, please see her website.



Col always says, “Gupta saved my life!”

The decline in Col’s health began with serious lifelong medical illnesses not under the Gupta umbrella. Her stress over these experiences fed right into the cycle Ashok speaks of, creating what she describes as a sort of chronic health PTSD, leading her to develop a number of the conditions that Gupta addresses. She found herself each day for years waking in a state of anxiety and physical pain and then struggling all day long.

Upon beginning Gupta Program, Col realized how many of her thoughts were related to the severity of her health challenges, a virtually constant perseveration. She is now gradually healing layer by layer, one by one removing the Gupta-addressable conditions that had piled on top of her original medical illnesses. She considers this a tremendous blessing!

When anxiety hits, she now has tools to quickly ease it rather than struggling all day long. When symptoms arise, she has learned to float through them without getting upset about it. When thoughts about her condition appear, she addresses them in the moment, rather than allowing them to pile up and intensify into a whirling dervish.

Through daily Gupta retraining and weekly webinars, she continues to learn more and more about how to navigate illness and improve her quality of life. Friends are amazed at how well she now copes with the difficulties she faces and how readily she sees beauty and tunes into peace in tough times. Inspired by her progress, some of them have even joined Gupta Program themselves!

Rather than viewing illness as an enemy, Col sees it as something which is taking her on a journey into the unknown, teaching her essential lessons and bringing her down unexpected new pathways. Despite the daily challenges it brings, it’s led her to rediscover her joy in painting and to practice tapping into inner peace. More than anything, she loves connecting with people on tandem health adventures and finding ways to uplift and inspire each other.

For more about Col and her art, visit: With immense love & gratitude, all proceeds from Col’s art go to her ongoing medical treatment fund.

9 thoughts on “Ask Col: Blogcast Episode 1”

  1. What a great post. I love the idea of grabbable snippets to incorporate throughout the day! All of these are great suggestions.. 😊 The art is gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful and helpful blog Col…I so need to get into using those snippets everyday. I have a 30min chime and often ignore it!
    Your artwork is beautiful…I love the colours!

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