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Become A Butterfly In July: Experience A Month Of Transformation With The Launch Of Ashok LIVE

If you are looking for inspiration, motivation and support, I'd love to extend an invitation for you to take part in my exciting new Ashok LIVE series that is starting in July.

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Wed July 10th: The Struggles Of Being An Empath & How To Overcome Them

WHEN: Wed 10th July, 6 PM UK | 7 PM EU | 10AM PDT | 1 PM EDT | 10.30 PM IST
WHERE: On the Ashok Gupta Meaning of Life Experiment timeline at

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“Being an empath is an incredible, powerful gift to the people around you. celebrate it, uplift it within you, and make sure you stay in your light.”- Ashok

Possessing empathic ability is a powerful gift that you've been given. It's an intuitive ability to connect at a very deep level with people around you, and it's something to be celebrated.

But if you don’t possess the right tools and techniques, it can also lead you to feel drained, overwhelmed and unable to disconnect to the energy of others around you.

Join Ashok on Wed 10th July for the first session of Ashok LIVE where he will share his ABC of becoming an empowered empath. These practical steps will guide you through developing positive, uplifting habits that will help you nurture your empathic abilities and transform you from being a disempowered empath to an empowered one.

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ME/CFS, MCS & EHS Are Not Psychological

WHEN: Wed July 17th, 6 PM UK | 7 PM EU | 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT | 10.30 PM IST
WHERE: On the Gupta Program timeline at

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“ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCS & EHS are real physical conditions with real symptoms. Let’s stop the misunderstanding and misinformation together.”- Ashok


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These conditions are often either implicitly or explicitly dismissed as not being real physical conditions by some in the medical community, media and greater society. This can cause sufferers to feel like their experience is “all in their head” which can lead to a lot of shame, guilt and invalidation. And often makes recovery much harder.

If you have ever been a victim of this type of misinformation, then this is a not to be missed event. Learn the science behind why traditional medicine finds it so hard to understand and treat these type of conditions and what you can do starting today to take control and reclaim your health & happiness.

This Ashok LIVE session will also provide an introduction to the next 12- Week Group Webinar Series which begins on July 22nd. For more information, please see