The Gupta Program

"Thank you so much for developing the Brain Retraining techniques. It really has given me back my life. 2 years ago I had to crawl to the bathroom, and 9 months ago I could only go out for about an hour before getting knackered. After doing the program for 4 months now I’ve been going swimming, riding my bike and the last 2 weeks taken up running!" – E.S., USA

The Program

I really want you to have your health and happiness back, and I would like to offer you my complete online brain retraining program which includes:

an online Brain Retraining program drawn from many spheres of therapy, coaching and healing
15 interactive video sessions shot in the healing environment of the Swiss Alps
Over 20 brain retraining audio exercises and meditations
12 weekly webinars directly with Ashok so you can ask questions and get support
a positive online healing community to support you through your recovery
access to trained Gupta Program Coaches to tailor the program to your needs
additional holistic advice on diet, sleep, nutrition and pacing
a one year Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked

I really want to help you heal, so I hope you will take up my 28-Day free trial offer by clicking below, or you can Buy Now Here

Written by Clinic Director, Ashok Gupta

I suffered from ME/CFS myself and I managed to recover fully, for which I am so grateful. I’ve made it my life long quest to help others like you recover too, from similar chronic conditions.

My 20 years of research combined with the latest findings about “neuroplasticity”, lead me to believe these conditions are ultimately caused by abnormalities in brain function, which can be reversed using revolutionary “brain retraining” techniques, called "Amygdala and Insula Retraining". Despite what people may say, many people do recover successfully from these conditions, and the Gupta Program triggers the body's natural ability to heal itself.


We are unique and different to other programs out there. We are the first and original neuroplasticity program with over 20 years of experience.

We are less regimented, and apply a kind, compassionate approach to healing
We are the only program that has a Randomized Controlled trial showing that is an effective treatment compared to a control group
We go deeper into the reasons why someone gets ill in the first place, and encourage long term strategies to stay well
We have a holistic approach to support brain retraining, which includes strategies for sleep, diet, pacing, sunlight, mindfulness and more.
We include 12 weekly webinars in the package, directly with Ashok Gupta, to support your process and healing journey.
We appreciate that patients may have experienced past trauma, and compassionately offer strategies to support healing

Real Retrainers. Real Stories. Real Recovery.

Be supported every step of the way through this expertly designed neuroplasticity and holistic health course that is backed by science and encourages pacing, relaxation & self-care as its top priorities!

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I want to help you recover. If you think the program will help you, you have the option to upgrade and have access to the full program.