2 Year Guptaversary - The Gupta Program

Yesterday was my 2 year Guptaversary and when I look back at the day I started the Gupta Program and think about what has happened the last two years I can’t really believe it. It still seems like a miracle to me and I would like to share it with you.

Please listen to Steffi's in audio format or read her story below.


In my first years with CFS I never accepted the condition. All I wanted was to get rid of this
illness and get my life back. Then after 2,5 years of being ill there have been a few events
that caused my first level of acceptance. This was the point when I came across the Gupta
Program. I knew immediately that it was for me and ordered it the next day – which was
probably the most life-changing decision I’ve ever made!


I didn’t even think about doubting the Program because the explanation made so much sense to me. I had visited quite a few doctors and healers before but none of them could really help me. Instead I had been confronted with a lack of understanding. I had been spending most of my time at home in bed or on the sofa. My main symptoms were exhaustion, a new version of headaches and brainfog. I also had been very sensitive to noises. No matter what I had tried to do – meeting a friend, going for a short walk, playing an instrument or even just listening to music – I felt worse afterwards. And we don’t even need to talk about the crashes from physical exercise.


The first 3 months with the Gupta Program I didn’t notice any physical improvements but mentally. I was much more relaxed due to the regular meditations and the fact that I now knew what was going on in my body. After three months I did a short weekend trip to a campsite. It took a lot of courage to overcome my fears and go there but the effects were immense. After a while my symptoms had been gone completely for a short time and I just felt normal. For me this was the proof that it really was just a loop in the brain and that this program worked!


Back home my symptoms came back completely, so I decided to go to another campsite for a longer time. But this only made me feel worse – running away obviously wasn’t the solution. I needed another level of acceptance. I realized that meeting people was my main stress factor and the cause for the ongoing ups and downs. I decided to cut off everything and to give myself the time I needed to heal.


Within the next half year I managed to go for regular walks and increase the distance slowly but steadily because I didn’t overdo it anymore – or at least not that often. If I felt like I had done much too less, then it was exactly the right amount. Like this I went from ‘a few minutes per day’ to ’30-45 minutes per day without a dip’. Then I even walked faster sometimes and also started riding my bike again for short distances. And the most incredible thing: I felt better during and after these activities instead of worse!


After this first year of Guptaing I started working deeper on my parts with the help of a coach. I realized that I had been wearing a mask all my life and when I started finding and being my true self, my symptoms decreased even more. I suddenly could have long phone calls without a dip afterwards which had not been possible for years. And also I didn’t even think about the surrounding sounds anymore when being outside.


These successes were followed by a 3 months long dip due to an emotional inner conflict. But as soon as it had been solved the next successes came my way. I took the train to visit my brother, and crossing the first big train station I nearly cried because I was so happy to be able to travel again. Shortly afterwards I did a short trip to the seaside which I had been visualizing for years. A few weeks later I visited one of my Gupta Buddys and was surprised that I could spend nearly the whole day in trains and on train stations without any negative effects. Well, the reason might be that I just love travelling by train.


The following months until now I’ve still had a few challenges to cope with but meanwhile I learned to accept the ups and downs completely and I always try to see the positive side of a dip. I’m still working on my migraines, digestion issues, my brainfog due to screen work, and a lot of emotions that are coming up, but basically I got my energy back! I can go for walks up to 2 hours and enjoy the nature, I can do yoga or light physical exercise, I even started running (and the only problem here were my knees but not my energy level!). And I had already forgotten how it feels to walk upstairs and really have power in your legs! I have no problem getting up in the morning anymore because I feel normal after waking up and look forward to the day. I meet people without thinking about when I need to rest again. I have enough energy to sing and to play the guitar or the piano, and I listen to music every day. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have these things back in my life as I missed them so much.


But I didn’t only get my energy back, I gained so much more! I found new friends. I’m working voluntary in a wonderful team for the Facebook Gupta Forum. I finally have professional plans for the future since I’d like to start the Gupta Coach training in September. I discovered a new way of living with more mindfulness and less stress. For the first time in my life I experienced an inner peace and I recognized that you can’t find happiness on the outside but only within yourself. I learned to surrender and trust in my life. I learned to follow my gut instinct. I discovered pieces of myself I didn’t even know they existed. I developed real self-confidence and self-esteem. I found my true self - or at least started finding it. It feels like I’ve been sleeping my whole life and now I’m awake!


I will be forever grateful that I got this condition and that I came across the Gupta Program because it turned my whole life upside down - in a positive way of course. Each moment in which I’m feeling good is a small miracle for me and I’m looking forward to a lot more miracles to come.



I got CFS at the age of 22 after I had glandular fever. Two and a half years later I came across the Gupta Program which has been the first step towards my new happy and healthy life. I love to inspire and motivate others by sharing my successes throughout my own healing journey. I’m also working voluntary for the Official Gupta Forum on Facebook.

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  1. Oh Steffi, I’m so happy to hear you sharing your story! It’s so beautiful and full of hope. I’m so happy for you to be retrieving your life, step by step, and even fuller than it would have otherwise been, since you are discovering your true self. What a gift! Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

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